Visit a Gastroenterologist Immediately When You Get These Alarming Signs

Abdominal pain is common in OKC regardless of age. Mostly, it is cured within a couple of days, but if it is not and lasts for more than a week, you should visit a doctor. Abdominal pain can be caused by several reasons, but as the area belongs to the intestines, it is recommended to visit the GI doctors in OKC for further diagnosis and treatment.

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In addition to a discomfort in your stomach, there could be problems including acute and prolonged gas, difficulty swallowing and consistent pain. These are early signs which can deteriorate gradually if proper treatment is not processed.

It might be the result of a simple stomach infection or a sudden change in diet, but it is always better to be sure of the condition so that no wrong treatment takes place. As colon cancer is the second most common cancer from which people in the U.S. suffer, it is better to have a full checkup with a colonoscopy. This is even more important if you are 50 years or older.

Generally, problems with the digestive system do not appear as isolated events; several symptoms come together at once. With combination and targeted testing, the GI doctors in OKC can make an accurate diagnosis, which is very important to receive the right treatment.

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Here are some alarming conditions for you to understand, so that you visit the doctor at the right time:

  • Hemorrhoids are not a fatal disease but are quite painful and embarrassing. Most cases resolve with over-the-counter medication. But sometimes, the condition can turn critical when they form inside the rectum. In that case, surgery is imperative. Before surgery, the GI doctors in OKC process all kind of diagnostic testing to be sure about the physical condition.

  • Occasional acid reflux is common and generally does not last for longer periods. But, if it is frequent and consistent, it would indicate gastroesophageal reflux disease. You may suffer from chest pains, weight loss, sore throats, wheezing, dry cough and many others.

  • In many cases, you may vomit blood due to a gastrointestinal disease. GERD symptoms may accompany bloody stools and vomiting as well. Sometimes, these are pre-cancerous symptoms and getting a diagnosis in its initial stage is imperative.

  • Chronic diarrhea must not be ignored. It can appear with bloody stool, acute pain, weight loss, mouth ulcers and many other things. The combination of all these symptoms can indicate Crohn’s disease.

  • Jaundice is another sign of gastrointestinal disease which also affects the liver badly. Light-colored stool, a yellowish tinge to the skin and dark-colored urine all can indicate hepatitis. You may face fever, nausea, muscle cramp, fatigue, loss of appetite and many others.

If you are suffering from any such symptoms, come to us without any delay. We are Digestive Disease Specialists, INC. in OKC and with us you will get professional GI doctors to make the right diagnosis and process treatments for you.

Disclaimer: This blog content does not offer a doctor's advice and creates no relationship between any patient and care provider.