Your Dietary Guide For Before You Exercise

There are different conceptions about the food that should be eaten just before a workout. Whether it is a high or low intensity workout, you need to watch your plate. You may think that eating healthy food will make you fitter, but eating unscientifically actually can cause the reverse effect. Exercise and digestion do not go well together. When you work out, your body does not use energy for digestion. If you eat a heavy meal right before hitting the gym, you are confusing the body as it needs to use energy for both purposes. If the body uses energy for digestion it won’t be able to use it for muscles and lungs.

If you have just eaten right before running you can experience gastrointestinal issues. Depending on the food type and intensity of the exercise you can experience problems like heartburn, vomiting or a stomachache. In Edmond, OK, you should visit a gastroenterologist for your issues.


Gastrointestinal Benefits

There are issues with eating and working out together, but that does mean you should quit exercising. You should consider a good mental outlook, and a healthy diet as the building blocks to a good life. Regular exercise strengthens the digestive tract and eases constipation and bowel movements. It helps to circulate blood and nutrients of food to the cells.


Cautions to Exercising

Give your body a good amount of time for digestion before exercising. If you eat heavy meals including protein or fat it will need two to three hours to digest. Wait until your body is ready and then start to work out.

A meal containing a large amount of fat can delay digestion and can cause one to become lethargic. Similarly, not eating anything before exercising will make you tired and weak. You can try eating peanut butters, nuts, egg whites or 20-30 grams of protein. You should ask your gastroenterologist in Edmond, OK, to give you detailed pre-exercise meal ideas.

Additionally, you need to drink a lot of water or fluids to stay hydrated. Lack of water intake is a major cause of dehydration during exercise. The intestines will not be able to absorb nutrients and you may fall sick with intestinal problems and malnutrition. This also leads to constipation and acid reflux.

Regular runners can suffer from diarrhea if they do not drink adequate water. Physical strain and lack of blood to the intestines can cause this condition. Furthermore, you should avoid caffeine, sugar substitutes and dairy products before participating in exercise.

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