Superfoods for the Digestive System to Stay Healthy

There is no need to explain why food plays a crucial role in the digestive system. Though different foods produce different sources of energy and nutrients, there are some foods which are impeccably good for the digestive system. Our gastroenterologist in OKC always suggests having these foods in your diet.

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Everyone is different and so are their nutritional demands. But here we are going to reveal the top ten list of foods that you should eat regularly.

Fruits – Seasonal fruits are always good to have. They are rich in minerals and vitamins and other important nutrients. Fruits can help with digestion and prevent diseases including throat and stomach cancer.

Yogurt – It contains good bacteria that replace bad bacteria. A good digestive system depends on balancing bacteria, and yogurt promotes good bacteria growth and has probiotics that aid in digestion.

Vegetables – There is no alternative to vegetables when it comes to maintaining digestive health. You should eat veggies that are rich in probiotics and fiber including asparagus, onions, artichokes, soybeans and leeks.

Bread – Whole wheat bread is one of the most commonly and easily available. This is a good source of fiber to keep the system healthy. You can also opt for whole grain bread but have this in a lower quantity.

Bananas – This is a wonder food for the digestive system. The gastroenterologists in OKC recommend it for diarrhea and constipation. The carbs in a banana are easy to digest and THE stomach can easily break it down. You can eat it for abdominal cramps or if you are not feeling well.

Rice – Especially, brown rice is a wonderful source of nutrients for the digestive system. This is healthier than bread and moves quickly in the system. It has fewer calories than other foods but is quite filling.

Herbs and Spices – Though we use these for seasoning, different varieties help to prevent different problems. Like ginger helps with nausea, empty the stomach and with a cold. Lemon helps with digestion. Every spice has its own effect on the digestive system.

Beans – Beans are a good source of fiber. They have protein which can allow you to reduce your meat intake. You can eat red, black beans, soy, kidney beans and all are low in calories.

Nuts and Seeds – Nuts are a superfood. They are rich in fiber and protein and can help aid different digestive conditions.

Apart from these nine food types, you should also drink plenty of water daily. It will detox your body and keep the system healthy. For any kind of digestive system related issues, visit our gastroenterologist in OKC at Digestive Disease Specialists INC.

Disclaimer: This blog content does not offer a doctor's advice and creates no relationship between any patient and care provider.