Three Resolutions for a Healthier Digestive System

Making New Year’s resolutions is quite a popular practice. Often the goals set as resolution are to balance finances, improve relationships, and of course get healthier. Everybody wants to be their best; to set a goal for health improvement is an excellent way for accomplishing that. For a long time, it has been told that better health is directly linked with the digestive tract. Here are a few resolutions for you to follow for better digestion. Our GI doctors in OKC always encourage these tips, any time of year!

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Drink eight 8-oz servings of water a day for great health and good hydration. Do you follow it? Most Americans simply aren’t getting enough, and average adults drink less than a quarter of the recommendation. Following which most people get dehydration.

You may not get immediate ill-effects from being dehydrated, but in the long run, it may cause undesirable changes in a human body. Even a mild dehydration can cause fatigue, headache, muscle cramps, and others. When there is an inadequate amount of water in your digestive system, you may get problems like acid reflux and gastritis. However, you may make a mistake being confused between thirst and hunger; therefore, many people though being dehydrated start overeating and end up gaining weight.


Bacteria may seem nasty, but some are actually good for you. Your digestive tract needs good bacteria for digesting food well, to absorb nutrients, for a good bowel movement and overall immunity. When a digestive system gets an imbalance between good and harmful bacteria, health issues may start to occur even some chronic problems.

According to a gastroenterologists in OKC, it is essential to maintain a healthy balance of flora for excellent health. It means you should consume the right food like yogurt, fresh fruits, and vegetable that are rich in insoluble and soluble fiber and reduce consumption of sugar, simple carbs and antibiotics.

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Fiber Intake

A good fiber-rich diet leaves a bunch of good effects on a digestive system. A suitable fiber promotes healthy bacteria and helps in bowel movement.

The average American eats too little fiber every day – only about 15 grams. This is below that recommended 25 grams of fiber for women to eat every day and 35 to 40 grams for men. Have more fiber with breakfast. Have more fruit and vegetables and fruits in your breakfast and include whole grains or oatmeal. Through out the day try adding beans, peas, vegetables, and lentils in your food.

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