Beat Heartburn Following Some Simple Dietary Instructions

Heartburn may be painful and uncomfortable. Heartburn in the chest and abdomen during the night may keep you awake. The stomach acid splashing back into the esophagus can often be the result of lifestyle choices – which you can change.

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Are you consistently suffering from acid reflux? Below is counsel for curbing this ailment. However, if you have severe or chronic acid reflux, it is important that you consult with a gastroenterologist in OKC because it could be a sign of other medical problems.

  • Caffeine, Alcohol and Soft Drinks are inevitable for our holidays, but these are harmful to your gastrointestinal tract. These are identified as pivotal factors for heartburn or acid reflux as it adds in gas and creates an uncomfortable pressure. It is better to avoid coffee and stave off carbonated drinks.

  • Can you say ‘no’ to chocolate? You must hate to say it, but it is for the well-being of your health. Chocolate contains cocoa, fat and caffeine, a trifecta of heartburn causing components.

  • Fried food is another big contributor to acid reflux. These all aggravate your gastrointestinal tract, causing acid reflux or heartburn.

  • Our GI doctors in OKC recommend removing citrus food from your staple diet as the acidic content of these fruits relax the esophageal sphincter and causes acid reflux.

  • Tomatoes are acidic, and so tomato-based sauces like ketchup, marinara sauce and soups all have unpleasant effects on the GI.

  • Fast food saturated with empty calories and sugar upsets your stomach very easily and leads to heartburn.

Why Dieticians Focus on Timing

Dieticians and gastroenterologists in OKC emphasize the time of your diet.

Leave yourself free of eating two hours before bed. Be aware that when you're upright, you digest the best. Digesting while on your back is more difficult for your body. During the day, eat smaller meals. Instead of the three standard large meals, four or five portions are good to start. It's so that your digestive system can do its vital work easier.

Is acid reflux as often as twice a week for you? Plan your appointment for our GI doctors in OKC at Digestive Diseases Specialists, Inc. We will plan your first consultation and bring much-needed relief to your heartburn.

Disclaimer: This blog content does not offer a doctor's advice and creates no relationship between any patient and care provider.