6 Resolutions for Your Gastrointestinal Health

The new year brings with it decisions to improve your health and make a better you. You'll save more, learn a lot of new things, take care of your health or volunteer more. The best starting point for 2019 is losing weight, shaping and strengthening your physical health. The proper balance in your digestive tract between helpful and harmful bacteria can significantly increase your health overall and help you keep a healthy body weight and improve energy. It is March, and you still have nine more months to stick to your resolution. Start now, at this moment!

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‘Real Food’ Intake

Our food quality fueling our bodies influences our microbiome, all the species of microorganisms within our intestines, which breaks down and absorbs nutrition, synthesizes vitamins, supports our immune systems and protects us against bad bugs. It makes minerals, vitamins, and nutrients accessible for our body but the microbiome has its own needs in order to thrive. When we eat nutrient-rich, actual food we do it and our health a great service. Try cooking more often instead of having processed food. Moreover, try cutting down the portion of flour, sugar, bread, pastries, pasta and a similar from your diet.

Increase in Water Consumption

Enough drinking water helps to address many health problems, including indigestion, according to GI doctors in OKC. It contributes to the transfer of nutrients through and waste from the body and helps to digest food and promote healthy intestines. Depending on your body, the environment in which you live and how much training you do, the amount of water each of us must drink will be different. However, for most of us, 2 liters a day is an excellent starting point.

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Getting More Fermented Food

The good bacteria in your intestine need fuel to grow, as do all other organisms. Food ingredients which are known as probiotics, support growth of such good microbes, and help achieve better microbiome balances. A wide range of products such as banana, wheat, Yogurt, apple cider vinegar, pickled ginger, and olives consist of probiotics.

Stress Relieve

Your parasympathetic system will turn off when you're stressed. This is the nervous system to rest and digest. When it is turned off, you can't digest your food, putting your digestive system under distress. Symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea or reflux, for instance, can be frustrating and embarrassing. It can be very stressful. Poor health can also lead to worry, mood swings and anxiety symptoms in the brain. It is, therefore, important that stress management techniques are incorporated into your day.

Practices of mindfulness have been demonstrated to help reduce stress in your intestines. They reduce cortisol levels that is responsible for weight gain and stress. Meditation is a type of practice of mindfulness, but you can also try to breathe deeply, write your thoughts, watch a funny film or listen to music to help reduce stress.

The Habit of Sound Sleep

Have you ever found that the next day, you are much hungrier if you don't sleep good for a night? It is because hormones that control appetite and metabolism are released when you are asleep. The GI doctors in OKC recommend a regular sleep schedule to limit the exposure to blue light at least one hour before your bed. Start a routine to get ready for bed like reading, meditating, or listening to soothing music to help you to unwind, then sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours.

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Work out more is a very common New Year resolution, and the benefits it offers for your healthy digestion is one of the many reasons to move more. That exercise may lead to improvements in the balance of gut bacteria of a person is supported by scientific research. So, try moderate exercise if you want to help out your intestines. Contact your gastroenterologist in OKC to know the exercises appropriate for your gut health.

It is always better to bring a change to your diet and lifestyle for the improvement of gut health after consulting your GI doctor in OKC. Digestive Disease Specialists, Inc. is a clinic where our experienced gastroenterologists treat digestive diseases. Visit us and figure out the root cause of your illness and follow the diet and workout routine according to their recommendations for optimal, long-term digestive health.

**Disclaimer: This blog content does not offer a doctor's advice and creates no relationship between any patient and care provider.