Why Dietary Supplements Can Be Dangerous For You?

Dietary supplements are very commonly found in any medical store today. Basically, they contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that we may lack in our daily meals. After all, very few of us are able to maintain a balanced diet every day. Moreover, nutrition need varies from person to person. Bodybuilders take supplements to build up muscles and bones and strengthen their body, pregnant women take supplements to give birth to a healthy baby. There are also supplements for general people to develop heart functionality and maintain good health. And these supplements are available in Oklahoma City and across the United States.

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But, here is the catch. If everything can easily be perfected with supplements, why do people have so many different diseases? Well, the reason is they are taking supplements without any expert consultation. This can lead to fetching the opposite result of your expectation. The best gastroenterologist in OKC recommends people taking supplements, but only after knowing your health conditions and requirements.

Here is some things you should know before you start taking a dietary supplement.

What Qualifies As A Dietary Supplement?

Dietary supplements can be found in health stores, traditional pharmacies and even online. Based on the persons requirements, they are available in pill and powder format. The FDA is in charge of permitting these supplements to reach the market and ensures it is safely manufactured. They do not fall under the category of medicine, so a traditional prescription is not required for it. Though all health-related claims are neither closely monitored by FDA or the reaction of the drugs with other medicines, they do promote information provided by the supplement manufacturer. This is the reason why you should consult the best gastroenterologist in OKC before consuming it.

The Area Of Emergency

A recent report has been published stating the negative effects of supplements on your body. The liver is the most vulnerable part when consuming dietary supplements without a doctor’s consultation.

  • According to the study, green tea extract pills and mass-building supplements are associated with liver malfunction including hepatitis. A cup of green tea is healthy but when it is blended to make pills or powder, the compounds are changed and can harm the body.

  • The liver acts as a filter for absorbing nutrients and flow it through the blood. It paves the way to remove harmful toxins. A liver malfunction will make it fail to do this.

  • You may suffer from abdominal pain, an abrupt change in appetite, flu, irregular bowel movements. In severe cases, you may face bloody stool, dark urine, jaundice and many other problems.

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If you want to take dietary supplements, make sure you consult the best gastroenterologist in OKC beforehand, otherwise, you may fall neck deep into trouble. Instead of making your health better, you may end up affecting your liver and other organs. The Digestive Disease Specialists is an association of experienced gastroenterologists. You can get your full treatment starting from diagnosis to medication here under professionals’ supervision.

**Disclaimer: This blog content does not offer a doctor's advice and creates no relationship between any patient and care provider.