Time to Break Colonoscopy Myths

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A colonoscopy is one of the most widely used screening process in the United States for colon cancer which is the most diagnosed cancer in America. The American Cancer Society (ACS) says that the people who have average risk of colorectal cancer should start colonoscopy screening at the age of 45. It is unfortunate that fear and myths about colonoscopy make many people to delay their screening process for years and spotting the cancerous polyps and tissues, thus, it reduces treatment effectiveness.

Over the years, there are numbers of misconceptions around the colonoscopy process. Here are the common myths of colonoscopy in OKC and what can be expected from the process.

Colonoscopy Isn’t Accurate

A study has reported that coloscopy might not completely protect from colon cancer though it has got a lot media attention. But in that study, many mentioned colonoscopies were not complete and were not performed by professionals but internists and family physicians who do not have ample experience to do colonoscopy well.

In recent studies it has been confirmed that experience matters for a physician when you choose one to perform your colonoscopy. For a high-quality colonoscopy process, you need to make sure that your physician has specialization in colonoscopy and tracks the outcomes as a part of improvement performance.

Prep Drink

Drinking a bowel preparation is also a concern for many to not get the colonoscopy. Fortunately, now bowel preparation is easier than before. Instead of gulping down a gallon of solution, patients can have half-gallon solutions. Ask your physician for colonoscopy in OKC for a split dose where you can take half of prep the night before and the second half on the day morning.

Colonoscopy Is Painful

A colonoscopy is not a painful one even when polyps are removed, or biopsies are done in the colon. The most common signs patients may experience is bloating after colonoscopy. In this process, the colon is filled with air for a better visualization of colon which may cause momentary bloating and flatulence. However, for a last few years with latest technology and changes to the use of carbon dioxide, patients get less bloating.

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Risk of the Process

A colonoscopy is minimally invasive process so that it does have some risks, generally due to anesthesia. However, most people have low risk and your physicians for colonoscopy in OKC will monitor the process along with anesthetist.

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**Disclaimer: This blog content does not offer a doctor's advice and creates no relationship between any patient and care provider.