Defeat Acid Reflux and Keep It Away from Your Life

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Acid reflux is quite painful and uncomfortable. Already we have discussed the reasons and risks of acid reflux, but barely people talk about managing this problem. If not maintained and managed the right way, acid reflux can turn to a deadly problem in future giving birth to several diseases. In Oklahoma City, as well as in the U.S., there are increasing rates of patients who have grown chronic heartburn and acid reflux. It needs awareness and guidance to protect or reduce.

Food to Avoid

GI doctors in OKC say that there are certain foods that must be avoided for the patients suffering from acid reflux. If you have symptoms of bloating, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, sour taste in mouth, belching, ‘there is a lump inside the mouth’ feeling, possible if you are suffering from acid reflux. You should avoid foods like chocolate, alcohol, cooked onion and garlic, mint, carbonated drink or food, fatty acids, caffeinated beverages, acidic food like orange or lemon juice, mint etc.

Lose Weight

Extra pounds around your belly can pressurize your abdomen and cause reflux. In obesity, you can have digestive issues that tend to turn into acid reflux. Maintaining a healthy weight or BMI would help to stay away from reflux.

Your Attire

If you wear tight clothes, this can stop the body to breathe and makes you vomit. Tight belts or similar things are avoidable for acid reflux.

Lying down Soon after a Meal

You should stay upright after having a meal. If you lie down soon, the acid of food gets the way better to travel from the stomach to the esophagus. Keep at least two hours gap after a meal. Therefore, you are suggested to have dinner early.

Smaller Meals

Having smaller meals are good for the body. The GI doctors in OKC suggest having at least six smaller meals or fewer portions at a time than three larger meals. Keep two to three hours gap between each meal.

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If you frequently experience acid reflux, rather than trying home remedies, visit your GI doctor in OKC. Home remedies are not a long-term solution. Come to Digestive Disease Specialists, INC. for your treatment today.