Top 3 Myths about Gastroenterological Diseases

We all want to believe we do the best we can for our health. Whether you go to the gym or try to stop smoking regularly, many measures have been taken to help people feel better and live longer.

Nevertheless, there may be misfortunes, especially when it comes to digestive health, despite admirable efforts. If you are from Edmond, OK, you can consult our local gastroenterologists.

Understanding how diet affects the body can be a complicated and confusing process, with frequently changing nutritional recommendations and new diets around each corner. Over the years, you probably heard and perhaps even fell prey to many digestive myths, and these misunderstandings could have harmed your overall health more than anything else. Fortunately, you can make the necessary changes with the right information to prevent these myths affecting your future gastrointestinal well-being.

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Myth #1

The ability of fiber to maintain healthy bowel movements and to help with blood sugar and cholesterol control is frequently commemorated. So, the more fiber one consumes, the greater are the benefits, as one might imagine. Therefore, it seems logical to eat as much as possible. However, the recommended dietary fiber of 25 grams daily is right about what you need – not as much as you can stomach.

Myth #2

Food before bed is a sure way to gain weight - this is a long-standing and common myth. Weight loss is, however, a tried and tested formula to burn more calories than you eat. Instead of focusing on the time of day when food is consumed, the focus on diet and exercise is better for those who wish to lose weight. Anyone suffering from acid reflux is the exception to this rule. Here, two or three hours of separating food from bedtime can help prevent or reduce symptoms.

Myth #3

Ulcer patients often associate pain and stomach burning with stress. While psychological stress may surely aggravate an ulcer, no scientific evidence is yet to be found. Stomach or peptic ulcer is most likely to occur because of a common bacteria H. pylori. Patients should talk with their doctors about antibiotics instead of stressing out about stress.

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