Elimination Diet – What Is It?

Elimination Diet

Intolerance and sensitivity to certain foods are prevalent. In fact, it has been found that 2-20% people in the world suffer from food intolerance. Elimination diet works amazing to find out this intolerance, sensitivities and allergies. In this diet, certain foods are removed from diet that are known to cause uncomfortable syndromes and those items are re-introduced later after checking for symptoms.

If you have chronic digestive discomfort that results in inflammation, you could contact gastroenterologist in OKC and try an elimination diet.

What Is Elimination Diet?

An elimination diet does not aim for weight loss. The purpose is to know which foods are causing issues with the body or leading underlying symptoms for example skin problems, sleeping interruption or gastrointestinal issues. As certain foods are eliminated from diet or a food group, it can be found easily which foods were causing issues or making symptoms worse.

How Does Elimination Diet help?

As the name suggests, a diet for the elimination of certain ingredients operates for several weeks in order to determine the cause of a food response or intolerance. Following a period of moment when food is removed, you slowly reintroduce them and record which ones have no impact and which ones produce symptoms. When symptoms return after certain foods have been reintroduced, the cause of distress may be presumed.

Elimination diet Plan

Who gets benefits from Elimination Diet?

Many people can start elimination diet that causes gastrointestinal distress like irritable bowel syndrome, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, bloating etc.

But other people can also get benefit who are suffering from migraine, arthritis, Psoriasis, acne, sleeping issues.

What Not to Eat

Citrus fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, meat and fish, dairy products, beverages, sugar and sweets.

What to Eat

Fruits, fats, grains, vegetables and dairy alternatives.

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