Colonoscopy Is Tough – Myths Bust

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Do you start shivering hearing the name of colonoscopy? Probably these are the misconceptions and myths around that make you think the worst about colonoscopy. We all know how much important this screening is for a healthy life, it is of utter foolishness to give it a miss. Before you delay this screening more, let us bust the top four misconceptions associated with colonoscopy. Why we are so deliberate to bust these myths? Because of these, a majority of the Americans step back from seeing the doctor.

Allow us to share the truth.

Myth 1 - You Can Wait Long

Doctors recommend getting a colonoscopy done at the age of 50, for some, it is 45. Many people think that they linger the process for a few more years. However, this number does not mean you should not do a colonoscopy before 50 at any cost. If you have a family history and your body starts showing problems, you must do it without caring about your age. Abdominal pains, bloody stool, changes in bowel movements are the signs that you should immediately visit a doctor and as per suggestion will fix colonoscopy appointment in OKC. Recently, seeing the risks of colorectal cancer symptoms and risks, the doctors advise people irrespective of their gender, to do a screening at their 40s.

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Myth 2 - This Is Painful

We do not say this is the funniest event on your calendar, it is not painful though. When this is such an important screening, we can expect you to be a little pain tolerant. Keep in mind, that doctors will give you a mild sedative or local anesthesia that will make you fall asleep. For post-screening mild pain, you can take medicines. This process is a fairly quick one and takes 20 to 45 minutes maximum. After that, you can go home normally. During the process, the gastroenterologist will enter a flexible tube with a camera at the end and will remove polyps if there are. Once it is done, you may feel bloating and temporary gas in your stomach.

Myth 3 - Preparation Is Difficult and Worst

Another misconception is associated with the preparation part. This is not that bad than you think of. The doctor will give you a list of foods and drinks that you can and cannot have. Close to the screening day, you have to go for a clear liquid diet where you can have clear soup, beef broth, light juice or tea, coconut water. The day before screening or two days before screening, the doctor will ask you to have laxative to empty the colon and stomach completely.


Myth 4 - It Is Avoidable Unless You Have Cancer

The biggest misconception people have is – they do not need screening until they have symptoms of screening. You should not wait for the disease to harm your body when colorectal cancer is completely preventable with this test. With the test, the doctor will check the polyps lined in the colon. Those might not be cancerous, but with time being unattended those can turn malignant. An on-time screening can prevent all these.

Do not be afraid of colposcopy. It is important, trust us you will be fine after the initial discomfort. Book your slot for colonoscopy in OKC today.